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How to Play Guitar

An Electric Guitar is a type of guitar that uses pickups to convert the wave of its series into an electrical flow, which is then made bigger by an amplifier and a speaker. The signal that comes from the guitar may also be electronically altered with results such as reverb or parody. Initial electric guitars were hollow-bodied acoustic instruments with tungsten steel pickups produced by the "Rickenbacker" company in 1931.

These guitars were first practiced by Hawaiian-style, jazz, and country and western players. By the late 30s, noted jazz guitarists like Charlie Christian were using electric guitars in Swing-era big bands. Perhaps the first solid-body electric guitar was invented by guitar and recording innovator Les Paul, while the original commercially prosperous solid-body was the Fender Esquire, first exchanged in 1950. The electric guitar was a key determinant in the evolution of many musical styles that developed since the early 50s, such as Chicago blues, rockabilly, rock and roll, fusion, modern gospel music, and modern country. The instrument is also used in a variety of other classes including new age and some contemporary classical music.

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