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How to Play Keyboard

An Electronic Keyboard or Digital Keyboard is an electronic musical instrument, an electronic or digital derivative of keyboard instruments. Broadly talking, the season electronic keyboard or just a keyboard can connect to any type of digital or electronic keyboard instrument. These embrace synthesizers, digital pianos, stage pianos, electronic devices and digital audio workstations. However, an electronic keyboard is further clearly a synthesizer with a built-in low-wattage energy amplifier and tiny loudspeakers.

Electronic keyboards are competent of recreating a broad spectrum of instrument sounds (piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, pipe organ, violin, etc.) and synthesizer tones with small compact sound synthesis. Electronic keyboards are usually intended for home users, beginners, and another non-professional user. They typically have unweighted keys. The few choice models do not have velocity-sensitive keys, but mid- too expensive models do. Home keyboards typically produce little, if all, digital sound editing range.

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