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Looking for the Best Online Saxophone Classes in Pune and all over India? Pro School Of Music offers Live Saxophone lessons for the students from all age groups. Playing Saxophone is a load of fun amongst older kids, teens and adults.

Our online saxophone lessons are here to ensure that your skill set is being refined and that you can improve your talent while using the methods that the top teachers have to offer. Pro School Of Music is the only place where you may take live saxophone lessons at very affordable fees.

Adolphe Sax, a musician and instrument builder from Belgium, created the saxophone in the 1840s and obtained a patent for it in 1846. Saxophones, a member of the woodwind family, are typically made of brass and are played with a mouthpiece that has a single reed, much like a clarinet. The saxophone is utilised in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, rock and roll, marching bands, and classical music.

The saxophone is quite adaptable and works well with both brass instruments and woodwinds. Although it is not frequently used in concerts, it is highly popular in jazz, where it serves as the primary means of melodic improvisation. Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman, and John Coltrane are some of the best jazz saxophonists ever.

Students learning the saxophone for the first time can anticipate working on chords, easy songs and melodies, sight reading, and theory. Our instructors strike a balance between musicianship and enjoyment by making sure that each class introduces fresh theoretical concepts or technical problems and concludes with something enjoyable, like your favourite riff or song.

We work hard to make learning Saxophone more enjoyable and have found that some students learn best with one-on-one instruction from the teacher while others do better in a classroom setting. Private Saxophone Lessons, Group Music lessons, Adult classes, Kids classes, and more are all things we provide. It’s time to utilise and develop your musical skill if you have simply been letting it sit dormant. We have the Online Saxophone Class for you, whether you’re a beginner or just want to refresh your musical knowledge.

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Saxophone CLASSES faq'S

Absolutely, Saxophone can be learnt online. All our classes are 1 to 1 live online classes with qualified tutors.

Yes we teach for music grade exams conducted by Trinity College, London and Rockschool, London. Check this grade exam page for more information.
Yes, we dont care about the age as long as you are interested to learn.
Zoom, Googlemeet or PSM Online Platform video platform
Yes, the basic remain same for all songs.

What People Say

My 9 years old son recently joined online classes to learn the keyboard from Pro School of music. To our surprise within 4 months (2 classes a week), he has not only been able to play songs/exercises suitable to his age but has also gained an understanding of music, notes, etc. He has also developed a keen interest in learning more and looks forward to his classes with great enthusiasm.

Janesh Dubey

Pro School of Music is being run in a very professional manner. Students learn music in a very friendly and comfortable environment under their guru Mr Vinod. He is a thorough professional and takes keen interest to ensure that the students gradually picks up the correct techniques of playing instruments. Overall, Pro School is the place for children to learn musical instruments.

Sanjeev Kumar

My daughter has been learning the keyboard under Mr Vinod James’ capable guidance and I can see her growth in leaps and bounds. Mr James is very patient with children and let’s them learn at their own pace which does not put them under any pressure. His teaching method is very systematic but at the same time it’s very disciplined.

Clarissa Victor

Play the music, not the instrument